Busch & Partners: Our Values


Sustainable and respectful relationships with employees, clients and other stakeholders can only be built only on trustful and honest communication.

No Discrimination

Openness to others and respect for diversity are essential values for us. We allow no kind of discrimination.


We adopt ethical and respectful behaviour when making decisions involving our employees and partners


Excellence and satisfaction of work well done are essential drivers of our teams


We support associations acting for education in developing countries


We believe that well-being and professional commitments can work together. Moreover, happy employees are likely to be more creative, more loyal, more productive and provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of well-being at work.


Innovation is part of our DNA. We are convinced that a company must continually evolve to be sustainable.

Sustainability has become a fundamental part of our management over the past years.
Our objective is not only to run a profitable business driven by financial success and growth.
We also strive to be a sustainable and a meaningful organisation. 

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